ten reasons not to drink
read Proverbs 20:1; 23:29-35
in his warning against drunkenness, this wise teacher presents a case study of a drunk. here are ten reasons why not to drink:
1. you will never get drunk [20:1]
2. your headaches will not be self-inflicted [23:29]
3. you’ll never have to deal with a hangover [23:29]
4. you won’t be deceived by alcohol’s shallow promises [23:31]
5. you will never be bitten by the effects of alcohol [23:32]
6. you won’t be haunted by hallucinations [23:33]
7. you’ll never have to worry about killing someone while driving drunk [23:34]
8. you’ll never be found hanging from the chandelier [23:34]
9. you’ll never get into a fight because alcohol fooled you into thinking you were tougher than you really are [23:35]
10. you’ll never become an alcoholic [23:35] your children will never say that their first experience in drinking was seeing mom and dad drink.
ACTION: this isn’t a debate about whether a christian has the freedom to drink alcohol. the only thought is this: if there is so much personal, family and community danger and sorrow arising from drunkenness, what is the wise thing to do ???…

2 Responses to Bible-Alcohol-Drugs

  1. Mike says:

    Umm…? Not get drunk? The bible is clear about drunkenness, there are more than enough verses to support this. How about reading John 2:3? Jesus first miracle, as you know, it would also seem to me that wine is portrayed as one of the pleasures of life. Isaiah 25:6. Then at sometimes it’s just good to say no, Romans 14:21.

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