taking time….

Therefore , why not slow down and practice patience,
as well as, take time to enjoy the simple things in life like just::

                      TAKING TIME
       Take time to think…It is the source of

       Take time to play…It is the secret of
       perpetual youth.

       Take time to read…It is the fountain of

       Take time to pray…It is the greatest power
       on Earth.

       Take time to love and be loved…It is a God-
       given privilege.

       Take time to be friendly…It is the road to

       Take time to laugh…It is the music of the

       Take time to give…It is too short a day to be

       Take time to work…It is the price of

       Take time to do charity…It is the key to
                                         Author Unknown

About Roger Overweg

Interest include: Nature photography, Detroit Tigers, I'm a Spiritual, Meditative, analysis, Divorce, Spirituality, Weather, Chicago Cubs, Talk radio, Lighthouses, Medicine, Meditation, Hiking, Fishing, Short wave radio, Bible, Holy Bible, News, Newspapers, Photography, Baseball, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Coffee, Prayer, Freash-water-fish-aquarium. Reading, Books, Lakes, Streams, Dunes, Devotionals, Philosophy
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