The name’s used in the Bible often have not only spiritual
significance, they also are good descriptions of those people
as well.  So today we will look at some of the name’s that were
given to people probably by Divine design!

ANGEL  meaning “messenger”
ADAM  meaning “man or mankind”
EVE     meaning “life”
ABRAHAM  meaning “father of the multitude”
ISHMAEL  meaning “God hears”
ISAAC  meaning “laughter”
JOSEPH meaning “adding”
NOAH   meaning  “resting place”
MOSES  meaning  “drawn out of water”
JOSHUA  meaning  “Yahweh delivered”
SAMUEL  meaning  “God is exalted”
DAVID  meaning  “beloved”
SOLOMON  has various meanings including
“God is peace” & “his replacement”
EZRA  meaning  “Yahweh helps”
ISAIAH  meaning  “Yahweh saves”
JEREMIAH  meaning  “may Yahweh lift up”
EZEKIEL  meaning  “God will strengthen”
DANIEL  meaning  “God’s judge”
HOSEA  meaning “salvation”
JOEL  meaning  “Yah is God”
JONAH  meaning  “dove”
MICAH  meaning “Who is like Yahweh”
ZECHARIAH  meaning “Yahweh remembered”
MALACHI  meaning  “my messenger or my angel”
PROPHET meaning “teacher”
JESUS CHRIST meaning  “the Anointed One or Messiah” &
“Yahweh is salvation”
SATAN  meaning  “adversary”
MATTHEW meaning  “the gift of Yahweh”
MARK  no specific meaning
LUKE   no specific meaning
JOHN  meaning  “Yahweh has been gracious”
PETER  meaning  “rock”
JUDAS  no specific meaning
PONTIUS PILATE  meaning  “to fulfill or to accomplish”
PAUL  no specific meaning
TIMOTHY  meaning  “honoring God”
REVELATION  meaning  “unveiling or uncovering”
and Last, but not least.
AMEN meaning “that’s the truth!”

As you know these are just a few of the many name’s
that are used in the Bible.  Therefore I hope that you have found
this to be enlightening, and that it will help you to have a better
understanding of God’s Holy Word!!

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