Experiencing Peace in a Troubled World by charles stanley

Experiencing Peace in a Troubled World 
John 16:33
The tumultuous times in which we live challenge our sense of security and well-being. In a world filled with violence, injustice, financial instability, and natural disasters, how can we live in undisturbed safety? Jesus’ words to His disciples seem contradictory—peace and tribulation just don’t go together.
This makes no sense unless we realize that Christ’s peace is not the same as the world’s (John 14:27). The average person thinks tranquility will come with an outward change in their circumstances: When I have a better job or more money, then I will be content. Or, If a particular person in my life changes, then I will feel at ease. But Christ offers a relationship with the Father that fills our hearts with satisfied contentment, no matter what the external conditions may be.
We need to understand that Christ’s offer of peace came, not when everything was going well, but just hours before His disciples’ world fell apart. All their hopes and dreams were dashed when the Messiah hung on the cross. Although they didn’t realize it, Jesus offered them exactly what they would need to cope with the trouble that lay ahead. In the same way, He gives us quiet confidence which anchors our souls in stressful times.
We can never arrange all circumstances so that we feel safe and secure. The way to overcome the world isn’t by removing difficulties from one’s life. Instead, victory comes from walking through troubles with quiet confidence in God’s sovereignty and divine purpose for everything He allows.

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2 Responses to Experiencing Peace in a Troubled World by charles stanley

  1. During my first 22 years – years of extreme abuse – as soon as I was old enough to get a drivers licence, my PEACE was driving. The ONLY place I felt safe was driving the highway in my old car. After work until late night; all weekend; I would drive. No one and nothing could touch me there. I was safe. I was at peace. Now, of course, that seems ludicrous. Fancy feeling safe and at peace on the highways in an old car!

    For the last 52 years, since knowing Christ as Saviour, HE is my peace. No matter what the circumstances, I am at peace, knowing He is in control and that He will use whatever happens to “grow” me.

    While I still love driving the highways and feel at peace doing so, my confidence and peace in ALL situations is because of my relationship with my loving heavenly Father through the Lord Jesus. His peace passes understanding but is sooooooooooooo real and precious!

    • when I was a teen and early 20’s I use to drive for peace also I know what you mean I use to just drive in God’s nature for peace, now that I’m a lot older I seem to want to just be quiet and meditate on God’s word or songs and His promises, and that gives me a real peace.

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