Forgiveness of yourself is a start

You have to love yourself first before you can share it with another.
You have punished yourself for too long.
It is time to let go and forgive yourself for all you have endured.
Forgiveness is the kindest act you can do for yourself and for another.
This exercise will not be easy for some, but it is truly is powerful.
Stand in front of a mirror;
Look deep into your own eyes;
Say to yourself-with all the sincerity and love you can muster, “I forgive you!” That’s right! “I forgive you”
Now start playing the tape of your life where you feel you messed up, hurt someone, were not in your truth, or limited your life in any way.
Forgive yourself…say, “I forgive you” every time a hurtful or troubling memory is triggered.
This can be a very trying experience, but very freeing.
You are starting the process of letting go of all the old selves that you have been a prisoner to for all these years.
It won’t happen overnight but it is a beginning.

About Roger Overweg

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