Don’t be troubled….

Jesus Christ said; “Do not let your hearts
be troubled.  Trust in God; trust also in Me
( John 14:1 ) Therefore, “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled.”

            Let not your heart be troubled,
            Give your worries and cares to Me.
            I am your Heavenly Father
            Who suffered and died for thee.
            There are times throughout your Earthly life
            When you are filled with doubts and fear.
            Always come to Me in prayer
            And know that I am near.
            The love I have for you, dear child,
            Can never be bought or measured.
            It’s a gift I freely give to you.
            It is My most precious treasure.
            When sorrow or pain come your way
            And life seems to be unfair,
            Let not your heart be troubled…
            Just come to Me in prayer.
                             Poet: Shirley Hile Powell

About Roger Overweg

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