Likeable Axioms

Likeable Axioms

1. Find the lesson in every failure, and you`ll never fail.

2. The likelihood you`re right is not increased by the intensity of
your conviction.

3. Real friends help you feel worthy and make you want to be better.

4.. When you`re in a hole, stop digging.

5. Don’t confuse fun with fulfillment, or pleasure with happiness.

6. Refusing to let go of a grudge is refusing to use the key that
will set you free.

7. Hating hurts you more than the person you hate.

8. Counting on luck is counting on random chance; your odds are much
better when you plan and work.

9. It`s better to be kind than clever.

10. Don`t underestimate the power of persistence.

11. The easy way is rarely the best way.

12. It`s much easier to burst someone else`s bubble than blow up your

13. You can`t avoid pain, but you can avoid suffering.

14. Self-pity is a losing strategy; it repels others and weakens you.

15. Short cuts usually produce short success.

16. Control your attitude or it will control you.

17. It`s more important to be significant than successful.

18. The world is waiting for you to heal it.

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