Just a Thought………

Just a thought

By Power for Life Bible

“By the word of the Lord the heavens were made, their starry host by the breath of his mouth.” – Psalm 33:6

Our magnificent world began with just a thought. All God had to do was think it…and it happened. He didn’t have to strategically plan with a committee, draw architectural blueprints, or put in endless hours. No, all he had to do was think it.

God was pleased with what he made. An artist rarely likes what he or she has painted. Even the masters, such as Rembrandt and Monet, were frustrated with their words of art. But after creating the world, God looked at what he made and “saw that it was good.”

Imagine the power it took for God to think about the galaxies, the glorious oceans, waves, volcanoes, and beautiful earth in all of its majesty. Yet all of this was created with just a thought.

Our God is an awesome, omnipotent, all-powerful God.

* * *
Today make a point of taking more careful notice of the world around you that God made. Take a moment to thank him for being an awesome, omnipotent, all-powerful God. And remember that same power is available to help you live your life today.
* * *

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