the Name of JESUS……….by Charles Stanley

The Name of Jesus
Matthew 16:13-16

If someone were to ask, “Who is this Jesus?” would you start by describing the manger scene? Or something He said or did?

It’s important to know how to answer because this is the most important question one can ask. You see, people talk quite freely about “God” in a general way. They may even talk about cute little cherubs, mighty guardian angels, or supernatural miracles.

However, something different happens if you say “Jesus.” The mere mention of His name enflames tempers and causes strife. How can His name cause so much frustration, confusion, and anger when the Lord is filled with such love for all people?

The issue is that the name of Jesus demands a decision. When you move from a generalized idea of “God” to Christ’s specific redemptive act of atonement, simple notions of “my god” and “your god” are expelled. Christ’s death on our behalf requires a response of “accept” or “reject” from every person. At His name, one has to face the true God in heaven and the Son whom He sent. And that’s where people get uncomfortable.

When Jesus asked Peter to describe Him, the apostle immediately replied, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God” (Matt. 6:16). There was no ambiguity or hesitation. Peter knew who Jesus was, and he was not ashamed of his answer.

Are you so bold in answering this key question? Spend time today meditating on what Jesus did for you, and ask God for the courage and confidence to proclaim His name to the world.

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