Squirrels in Church……………

Squirrels in Church!

A small town had only three Churches in it but they all suffered

with the same problem. You see, all three had a serious problem
with squirrels getting into the Church.

Now each Church, in its own fashion, had a meeting to deal with
the problem.

The first Church congregation decided that it was predestined
that the squirrels be in the Church, and that they would just have
live with them.

The Second Church decided they should deal with the squirrels
lovingly . So they humanely trapped them and released them in a
park at the edge of town. However within 3 days, they had all
returned and were all back in the church.

The Third Church came up with the best solution. They voted the
squirrels in as members. Now they only see them at Christmas
and Easter.

The moral of the story is: Don’t be a squirrel, attend your

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