My heart goes out to the parents of small children. I know first hand the
kind of problems they face. Training up a toddler in the way he should go
is a constant job, a continuous battle, seven-day-a- week task, not to
mention an awesome responsibility. After six days of their whining chorus
at home and three hours of embarrassment while shopping, the last thing some
young mothers want to face is an hour of agony and humiliation at church.
Many young mothers have asked herself, “Why do I keep bringing them to
church?” As she enters the auditorium she utters a silent prayer that the
kids will be good and the sermon short. The service begins. While mother is
picking up toys, drying eyes, wiping noses, swatting, scolding, trying to
sing, listen, and pray, the toddler is pouring juice on her dress. To the
toddler, church is an exciting adventure. Songbooks are a challenge to
take, stuffed toys make great missiles to launch over four or five rows, and
the collection plate would make a great hat. Young parents take heart! Let
me assure you of this:

1. Your children do not disturb others nearly as much as you think they do.

2. If people without children are determined to sit at the back of the
church, then they deserve any distraction they get.

3. Most people really do understand your plight and remember back to the
days when their children were infants and toddlers.

4. Remember that you are both wanted and needed in the worship service.

5. Have faith that the hand, which now hurls crayons, will one day spread
the seeds of the Kingdom.

— Author Unknown

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