Fight your Fight

Fight your Fight

In battle, there are soldiers and generals. The generals lead. The soldiers follow. The generals love leading and are trained for it. They will dig deep in the trenches and fight right beside those they lead. The soldiers don’t mind being soldiers. They are trained for battle. They reverence, respect & obey their leader. They trust and are faithful to their leader. BUT, there is one major difference in the two I’ve just described:

The soldier will fight any battle. But, the general won’t fight every fight.

They determine which battle is theirs and the soldier trusts the decision and follows suit.

My Friend, are you a soldier or a general? You might be uncomfortable in your life because you are fighting a battle that is not yours. The soldier in you is fighting. But, the general is miserable because he/she knows that your battle is literally on the other side of town.

How many of us are fighting battles that do not belong to us? Why are you up crying over that man – he’s not yours? Why are you wasting good money trying to impress that woman? She belongs to another man!

Our strength will serve us much better when applied on the field of our appointed battle. GOD’S anointing is for HIS appointing. Why do we waste energy in futile endeavors?
If we are to win – we must apply our our strength with wisdom and discipline. We must discern which battle to fight and which battle to walk away from.

Why waste time arguing at a drive thru window? (you probably shouldn’t be there in the first place) We should “PUT OUT THE FIRE THAT WILL BURN THE HOUSE DOWN FIRST”

What I mean is – take care of what is really important. “Do 1st things – 1st.” Our finances go haywire when we Do 1st things – 2nd or 3rd….” We get our hair & nails done before we pay the light bill. We put rims on our car before we pay the car note.

GOD’s grace, just like HIS will, is appointed to where HE knows it is best served. Remember what HE told Elijah? “GO to the brook called Kerith THERE I have commanded the ravens to feed you.” (1Kings 17:3,4) That’s a place of appointment.

When we FIGHT OUR FIGHT – we are supernaturally empowered for victory!

If you don’t fight your battle of appointment – you’ll face the war of disappointment.

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